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dre aviation believe in integrity and transparency in everything we do, therefore it's important to us that we fully disclose our industry relationships and history so that there is no conflict of interest in our client relationships.


Where we take on a new client, we ensure that the client remit is executed to the letter and that our other existing relationships do not affect the quality of the work undertaken for you.  

Our Partners and Consultants have previously worked either with directly or consulted to the following organisations globally;

Aero Survey's Limited (Starbow)

Africa's Connections


American Airlines

Arik Air



British Airways

Dana Air

DB Aviation

Delta Airlines


Gambia Bird


Gulf Air

Hahn Air

Kingfisher Airlines


NAS (National Aviation Services)

Pearl Assist 

Polish LOT and WA Bicc.

Our other associated websites are; 

Our Partners, Consultants and/or their family members have disclosed personal shareholdings in the following listed aviation related businesses:

American Airlines Group listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market

Air France KLM listed on the Paris Stock Exchange

Deutsche Lufthansa listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Easyjet Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange

International Consolidated Airline Group SA listed on the London

Stock Exchange

Menzies (John) Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange

RyanAir Holdings Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange

Wizz Air Holdings Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange


Our operating brands include:

dre aviation

Syon Aviation Investments


We will continue to update this section as the business, our relationships and industry exposure develops. 

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